Wireless Security Floodlight Camera, Hi-azul Smart Outdoor Solar Light 1080P WiFi Camera IP67 Waterproof, Night Vision, Radar Motion Detection Floodlight, 32GB SD Card Included (100w)

Wireless Security Floodlight Camera

SALE PRICE: $88.35
YOU SAVE: $15.00

Product description

You can safely use them as Solar Fence Light, Solar Pathway Light, Motion-activated Light Outdoor, Solar Front Door Light, Solar Garage Light,Solar Stair Light, Solar Yard Light,Solar Garden Light, Solar Deck Light and so on.

Simple & fast Installation
This outdoor solar lights can be installed on the wall with provided screws in seconds, no cable or wire necessary.

All weather ready
The solar security lights with IP67 waterproof can easily withstand all terrible weather, such as rainstorm, snowstorm, extremely hot weather. Heat/Frozen resistance testing prove it is a heavy-duty light.

Outdoor Solar Pathway Light
These outdoor lights solar charge up during the daytime to store power which is then used when they light up at night. This makes this solar wall lights outdoor convenient to have since you no longer have to dabble with turning switches on and off every time!

Light up the Everywhere
Our LED solar lights can be installed on both ground and walls. Their positioning, as well as their powerful lighting properties, make this LED spotlight outdoor for homes an excellent choice when you’re looking for something to provide a complete lighting solution for your property’s perimeters.

Warm Tips:
1.In order to maximize the lighting effect, please make sure that the solar wall light is full of sunlight electricity.It’s important to install the light in a location that away from the shade caused by trees, buildings etc.
2.That whether the solar wall lights can produce the best lighting effect or not depends on sunlight intensity, geographical location, weather conditions, seasons and other conditions.

Weight: 5.72 pounds
Dimensions: 8.5 x 7 x 1.7 inches
Model: Hi-SL-01
Manufacture: Hi-azul

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