GoWith Magnetic Tablet & Cell Phone Holder, Universal Mobile Phone Stand, Lazy Bracket for Table, Bed, Car & Bike, Adjustable Rotating Gooseneck Mount with Flexible, Collapsible and Portable Design

GoWith Magnetic Tablet & Cell Phone Holder

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About this item

  • VERSATILE MOBILE HOLDER: Get the neck magnetic cell phone holder and put it on a table, the ground or bed to watch videos hands-free! You can also strap it around your neck, or even mount it on your car or bicycle steering wheel.
  • FOR YOUR PHONE AND TABLET: You can use the lazy bracket phone holder both with your mobile phone and tablet. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, a Samsung or any other device, it is 100% compatible with the Go With phone stand.
  • STURDY AND SAFE: Unlike plastic phone holders, the Go With magnetic cell phone holder is incredibly durable and sturdy. The powerful magnet of the rotating gooseneck phone stand can withstand the weight of your device and keep it securely in place!
  • ABLE AND EASY TO USE: The flexible lazy bracket phone stand has a 360° rotating phone holder, so that you can find the most comfortable angle with the best visibility. Adjusting the angle is easy and effortless!
  • CARRY IT AROUND IN YOUR POCKET: You can disassemble the Go With magnetic cell phone holder and put it in your bag or pocket. Then, when it will come in handy, you can easily reassemble it and use it wherever you are!

Product description

Do You Have A Smartphone? Then You Definitely Need This Multifunctional Cell Phone Holder By Go With! Are you having lunch alone and want to watch a video on your phone while eating? Do you want to use your phone in bed without having to take your hands out of the blanket? Are you driving your car or bike and need to use your phone’s GPS with safety? Do you want to watch something while you’re cooking or cleaning your house? The Go With flexible magnetic cell phone holder will help you do all of these things above –and so many more! You can mount and adjust the lazy bracket phone stand anywhere you go and use your phone while keeping your hands free at the same time! Invest In A Durable Cell Phone Holder! There are many lazy bracket phone stands on the market, but most of them are plastic, flimsy and very fragile. For this reason , Go With has designed a magnetic cell phone holder, using a powerful magnet and sturdy, high quality materials. In addition, the gooseneck mobile phone stand has a 360° rotating mechanism, so that you can find the most comfortable angle! Assemble And Disassemble It Within Seconds! You can take the universal cell phone holder with you everywhere you, and use it to hold your smartphone or tablet for you. In this way, your hands and arms won’t get tired, and you’ll be able to relax or multitask while you’re watching videos on your phone. So What Are You Waiting Forget the magnetic lazy bracket phone holder and your phone will never fall on your face again while you’re lying in bed! Scroll Up And Click The “Add to Cart” Button NOW! Important Notice: The power of the magnet is 3600gauss, this product supports devices up to 1 pound. Devices like cell phones, iPad Air, IPad mini, most of the kindles Devices, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and all devices that weights 1 pound or less., None, Easy to use

SKU: B079H441YG
Weight: 14 ounces
Dimensions: 13.54 x 9.06 x 4.72 inches
Model: 4351482398
Manufacture: GoWith

From the manufacturer

Product Features






Why do our customers love using the GoWith gooseneck phone stand? Because it uses a powerful 3600 gauss magnet that can easily hold any gadget, regardless of its size and model. Samsung, Apple, Huawei or Sony, all phones, tablets, and kindle up to 1lb are compatible with the GoWith holder.


The amazing GoWith magnetic smartphone holder has a flexible lazy bracket phone stand with 360-degree rotation that allows you to set the angle for an ideal viewing experience. Adjusting the stand is super easy and on-hand too!


If you feel like you need more flexibility during video calls, you will definitely be happy to hear that the GoWith gadget holder has a soft neck pad that allows for hands-free viewing of any tablet or smartphone while also ensuring comfort for your head and neck.


With the GoWith lazy bracket phone holder, you can enjoy a premium hands-free viewing experience anywhere you are. The gadget holder can be dissembled within seconds and has an ergonomic and lightweight design, so you can easily add it to your bag or pocket and take advantage of what this amazing accessory has to offer.

Indoor Uses






Wouldn't it be great to be able to share a funny online video, a group call or the newest TV episode with the entire family? The magnetic phone holder is easy to set in an angle that allows for you, your partner and kids to be part of the action.


After a long day at work, chilling on the couch with your phone sounds like a dream. Our premium smartphone stand can be wrapped around your neck, so you can enjoy hands-free screen viewing comfortably and easily.


Following an online recipe is now easier than ever before with the GoWith tablet stand that you can place directly on the kitchen countertop for hands-free viewing of the recipe for your delicious meal. At the same time, you can protect your gadget against stains or cooking accidents.


There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying your favorite movie or TV series in the comfort of your own bed, with your tablet or smartphone. The GoWith gadget holder can be attached under the bed, ensuring a comfortable view of the screen for you and your partner.


Outdoor Uses

Using your smartphone outdoors for watching movies or having video calls doesn't have to be weird or dangerous. All you must do is get the GoWith magnetic holder around your neck, in your hand or attached to your bike and you can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience, as well as safer pedaling in traffic.

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