for iPhone Xr Screen Replacement Touch Screen Display Digitizer iPhone XR Frame Assembly Repair Tool + Adhesive Strips Compatible with Model A1984, A2105, A2106, A2108

for iPhone Xr Screen Replacement Touch Screen Display Digitizer iPhone XR Frame Assembly Repair Tool + Adhesive Strips Compatible with Model A1984

SALE PRICE: $67.99
YOU SAVE: $8.16

  • ➽ Is the screen of your favorite iphone XR broken? You don’t have to buy a new phone, save your money, and replace the screen by yourself. It is very simple to repair your broken, cracked, or black screen
  • ➽ Are you worried about bad quality? NO NO NO, as long as you install it according to the video, it will surprise you. A large number of repair shops purchase screens from our shop to repair customers’ mobile phones. The quality of the screens you buy is as good as the screens of the repair shops
  • ➽ The picture quality is not clear enough? Come on, this is not a problem you should worry about, we provide the best pixel screen, because we are very professional, we have a professional technical team, and a high-quality factory, not only that, we also have After-sales team solve any problems for you
  • ➽ Your package contains: iphone xr replacement screen, protector, waterproof adhesive, essential repair tools
  • ➽ Note: When you disassemble the camera, please do not wipe, it may damage the iris on the camera and make facial recognition unusable

Product description


You will get a high-quality screen with common repair tools, including different types of screwdrivers, suction cups and spudger.
These tools are enough to disassemble and install the screen. Maybe they look ordinary, but we save the cost and Buyers can save their money.
Here we need to listsome pointsto note, if you are an experienced repairman you can ignore it, but if you install the screen for the first time,
you’d better watch an installation video on YouTuBe, which will help you to be faster and accurate Installation screen
1. Open the package and check whether the screen is broken or damaged at the first time, because the courier does not care what is inside the package,
they treat the package very violently
2.Please shut down and disconnect the battery cable when disconnecting the screen cable
3. Do not disconnect the connector by hand, this will damage the cable, please use the blue spudger
4. Please stick the waterproof glue before connecting the cable
5. When you encounter the screen is too bright or too dark, please open the “settings” in the phone to adjust
6. Camera, HOME button does not work. In most cases, it has nothing to do with the screen, because the cable is not connected correctly, please reinstall the connector
7. The screen does not light up after a period of use. This is because the cable is loose, reconnect the cable tightly to solve this problem
8. Touch is not sensitive or the letter keyboard jumps randomly. Please disconnect the battery again for a period of time and then connect to charge and restart
9. When you install the screen, there are dead spots. aperture, lines, light leakage, etc. indicate that the screen is broken, which may be caused
during transportation or installation, because we provide high-quality screens, which have been passed 3 times before shipment Qualified testing,
in this case you can get replacements for free

Weight: 0.64 ounces
Dimensions: 1.8 x 0.3 x 0.2 inches
Model: EGL26 EGL26BL EGL26PN
Colour: Black
Manufacture: YOXINTA
Colour: Black

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