28″ Akamai Computer Privacy Screen (16:10)- Black Security Shield – Desktop Monitor Protector – UV and Blue Light Filter (28.0″ Widescreen (16:10), Black): Computers & Accessories

28" Akamai Computer Privacy Screen (16:10)- Black Security Shield - Desktop Monitor Protector - UV and Blue Light Filter (28.0" Widescreen (16:10)

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  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: LENGTH 23 3/8″ (594mm), HEIGHT 14 5/8″ (371mm), DIAGONAL 28″ (711mm)
  • LEAVE VISUAL HACKERS IN THE DARK: Don’t expose personal or business data to prying eyes. These filters darken your LCD screen if seen from the sides, while allowing clear vision for you. Keep your computers secure with these industry best protectors.
  • WE’VE GOT YOUR SCREEN COVERED: Our 20.1 inch (20.16″ diagonally) desktop filter is 1 of 26 covering 1,000’s of displays with the highest quality polymer film available. We cover both standard and widescreen monitors & the full range of aspect ratios. MEASURE CAREFULLY!
  • EASY INSTALLATION: It’s a snap to apply your Akamai privacy cover. We use the highest quality 3M adhesives to ensure long lasting protection. We’ve included full installation instructions so you’ll have no problem applying the filter to your screens.
  • BLUE LIGHT & ANTI-GLARE EYE PROTECTION: Not only will your Akamai filter protect your login and other data from prying eyes, it reduces harmful blue light by 70%. And its 9H hardness rating also provides a layer of physical protection to your screen.

Product Description

It doesn't take a professional hacker to break into your computer and steal your data. Sometimes while you're working away there may be a criminal lurking around watching and waiting for a chance to steal login, password and other valuable data. Even in the workplace you may have sensitive information visible on your computer screen that you want to keep to yourself. Akamai's premium quality computer privacy filter blacks out the view from side angles (outside 60 degrees) while leaving the user's frontal view crystal clear. Only those looking right over your shoulder will see what you see. Trust Akamai to design and manufacture the very best polymer film privacy filter. It's easy to apply and will fit almost any screen you want to secure from visual hackers. Our advanced technology provides you with the best data security, image transmittance and UV glare and blue light filtering that money can buy. So it will not only protect your data, it can help protect your eyes from strain and even help improve your sleep. We have developed the toughest and highest quality privacy film on the market – it will even add a layer of physical protection for your screen. Trust your laptop privacy to Akamai!

Protect Your Data

This premium quality privacy filter blacks out side views of the information on your computer screen, both in the office, working offsite and during business travel. So you can work without fear of visual hackers stealing your login credentials and other valuable business and personal data. Akamai's screen filters offer 1.5X more privacy than other makers!

9H Hardness Protects Screen

Not only will Akamai's premium quality privacy screen filter protect your data from prying eyes with side blackouts, its 9H film hardness protects your screen from dirt and scratches with the highest quality film on the market. Be assured you're getting very best privacy filters from the makers at Akamai.

Anti-Blue Light and Anti-Glare

Akamai's monitor privacy screens also help protect your eyes from harmful blue light and UV glare. Too much blue light can lead to sleep problems and UV light can lead to eye strain and headaches. With so many screens in our lives today, it's important to keep our eyes safe from harm. Our screens cut UV light by 97% and blue light by 70%!

Clearest Image Quality

Competitors' screen privacy filters cannot match Akamai for screen clarity. We offer the clearest image transmittance through the privacy filter, providing 75% image clarity versus just 55% for the competition. Don't be disappointed with a poor quality image on your screen. Another bonus for your eyes!

Important Size Information

We make privacy filters that can outfit more than 40,000 devices. They come in square and widescreen aspect ratios – from 12.1 inches all the way up to 34". Additional measurements for the 28" (16:10) filter: 23.39" wide x 14.61" high. Metric measurements: 711.1mm diagonally, 594mm wide x 371mm high. Please measure your screen carefully. Filters may also be cut to size with an exacto knife and ruler.

Chosen by Wired Magazine!

Akamai is the name to choose for monitor privacy security filters. Wired Magazine recently nominated our premium quality filters as the one to choose to keep your data safe from visual hackers. So don't be disappointed with an inferior quality film product. It's the filter of choice by the smartypants at Wired!

Family Run Operation!

We are a family owned and operated business and strive to produce the most innovative and value focused products that big companies can't match!

Weight: 14.4 ounces
Dimensions: LENGTH 23 3/8″ (594mm), HEIGHT 14 5/8″ (371mm), DIAGONAL 28″ (711mm)
Manufacture: Akamai Office Products

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